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5 Tips to Combat Dry Winter Hair Issues

December 31 2020
5 Tips to Combat Dry Winter Hair Issues

Dry winter hair plagues many of us, even if you have naturally oily hair. We’ve compiled 5 tips to get you out of the dry, damaged dullness of a cold winter.

1. Ditch the heat styling! If you live in a dry climate, the winter weather is probably sucking the moisture right out of your hair. If you can skip heat styling and give your scalp and hair time to re-moisturize itself, this will help many of your winter hair issues.

2. Don’t over-wash your hair! If you can skip a day or 2 in between shampoos, you’ll notice moisture creeping back into your hair. Using a salon-quality conditioner often, will also destress your tresses.

3. Use metal or bamboo combs or brushes! Static is the problem for many of us in the winter and plastic combs are often to blame. Spritz a little water on your hand to flatten the fly-aways as an added measure.

4. Maybe try that bob you’ve been wanting! Although long hair can keep you warmer, shorter hair is easier to keep moisturized. Trimming off all of those dead ends can give you that sleeker, healthier look you’re craving right now.

5. Try a masque or a customized in-salon treatment such as a Fusio Dose. Ask your stylist for recommendations for the products that will work with your hair type and bring back the moisture your hair needs