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Scalp Bacteria… Gross or Good?

October 28 2021
Scalp Bacteria… Gross or Good?

We hear the word bacteria and immediately think it’s something bad. 

But, the scalp microbiome is all the bacteria on the scalp. As on the rest of the body, the microbiome has a barrier and protective function. The microbiome can be disrupted by lifestyle aggressions including heating tools, stress, hard water, exercise, unhealthy diet, and pollution. So it’s not necessarily bad or good, but having it in balance should be your goal.

Of course, balancing all of this can cause less disruption and a healthier, happier scalp! But how do you do that? Well, we recommend the Potentialiste Hair & Scalp Serum by Kérastase.

Potentialiste is the first universal defense serum for unbalanced scalps. The serum leaves the hair feeling healthier and more beautiful. The scalp feels refreshed, hydrated and less sensitive. And it includes a Vitamin C derivative that neutralizes the effect of daily aggressors. It also protects hair against oxidation. People who use the product say they felt a soothing effect and that their scalp is more comfortable while the sensation of dry scalp reduced. 

Talk to your stylist to find out if they think the Potentialiste Hair & Scalp would be right for you.

Get a customized scalp diagnosis with the Kerastase Scalp Diagnosis Tool, check it out here and then call us to set up your appointment!