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Bring on the Color!

February 25 2022
Bring on the Color!

Spring is the perfect time to really go for the perfect color! It’s a time of change and brings about the end to the dull, cold winter. So why not show your hair some love with a fresh new shade?!

Thinking about blonde? 

Make it easy with blonde balayage that brings beach vibes with low maintenance. It’s great for naturally blonde or light brunettes.

A full head of highlights is also trendy. While there is a little bit more upkeep, you’ll sport the early 2000s and maybe even feel a bit more like a Rockstar!

And if it’s platinum you want, go ahead with this statement color. But unless your hair is naturally gray, white or light blonde, there will be a lot of trips to the salon to manage the regrowth.

Dark hair, don’t care?

Try a tiger’s eye balayage for warm caramel, gold and brunette tones. It’s unique and beautiful, plus: easy upkeep for stunning results!

Want to go darker and maybe even raven black? A few shades darker will be bold and shiny. Raven is really dark and takes more upkeep if your natural locks lack an already dark hue, but it is stunning if you’re willing to put in the effort to keep it healthy.

Seeing red?

Cherry is the color this year and while it goes great in cola, it also makes for an incredible balayage. With this technique, no need to be overly concerned with root growth, and... as the red fades you’ll get tones of pink. Win- Win!

Copper is trending too, especially if you already have red undertones in your hair. If you love it, show off autumn year round with beautiful shade.

Prefer a rich red? The only obstacle is keeping the color vibrant. Remember, if you start with darker hair, you’ll need to bleach it to get the red look you want, so keeping your hair healthy is key.


At 5th Avenue, we want you to have the perfect color along with gorgeous healthy hair. When you change up your color, whether it’s a few strands or a drastic full head of fresh hues, you’ll want haircare that is made just for colored hair. This is where Chroma Absolu comes in. This incredible product from Kérastase includes the best shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and gloss for colored hair that is cleansed, nourished, smooth, shiny and gives you longer lasting color. Now, anyone can have the color they want, whenever they want – without sacrificing healthy hair.

Contact us for a color consultation or stop in to purchase this amazing new line of products.