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Time To Put On Your Halo (Extensions)

January 31 2022
Time To Put On Your Halo (Extensions)

Are you hoping for longer, fuller, luscious locks but don’t want to spend the time and money usually needed for hair extensions? Then you might want to try Halo Hair Extensions!
This little angel of a product is comfortable and easy to put in. It’s hair that sits lightly on the top of your head with a thin wire, like a halo. There is no adhesive needed, so there’s no damage to your natural tresses. The extensions can be added to your hair or taken out as desired, so they’re perfect for a special occasion like a wedding, photo shoot, birthday or anytime you just want to try out a new, longer style. 
There’s no commitment of getting your extensions touched up, removing the need for all the extra trips to the salon… you can come visit us for other reasons! And since there is no stress on your actual hair, you’ll continue to see growth at the normal rate you’d expect. 
Halo Hair Extensions should be removed when you sleep, shower, and swim and they are temporary. But with proper care, your extensions could last up to 12 months.
If you’re ready to get started or you’re even just a little curious, come check out our display. You can schedule a time to meet with one of our stylists who will help you determine the right length and color for that hair you’ve been hoping for. Your Halo Hair Extensions will be ordered in just for you!