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Beach Waves or Straight Hair for Days

August 3 2020
Beach Waves or Straight Hair for Days

The humidity in the dead of summer can be a struggle for many hair types. You long for that beach wave look but it just turns out frizzy or you try to go completely straight and well… more frizz. 

Luckily, there are options for either style! A Brazilian Blowout might be the right choice for you. It is a semi-permanent keratin treatment that makes your hair easier to style, smooths frizz and softens your hair texture. The bonus to the keratin treatments the new manageability of your hair. You can have your stylist give you the stick straight look you might be going for to start out, and then heat style curls in later if you’d like.

Whether you’ve opted for a keratin treatment or not, you may still be looking for the romantic, care-free look of beach waves, even if can’t actually put your toes in the salt-water this year.
Here are some ways to get beach waves. And remember, skip the frizz by using a good hair styling and heat protectant like And remember, skip the frizz by using a good hair styling and heat protectant like Kerastase Thermiques.

1. Get overnight beach waves by putting your hair into a loose braid with about an inch and a half left at the bottom. To style for the next day, simply unravel and shake loose from the roots. 

2. Use a curling iron that is at least one inch in diameter. The key to getting beach waves versus curls is have that straight end. You just want to fluff the waves with your fingers and go. If you’re struggling with this technique, there are a TON on tutorials on YouTube. This works for shorter hair, too.

3. You could also use a flat iron. Sometimes this technique is easier than the curling iron, especially to get the straight ends. It’s a simple process of clasping, then wrapping, then gliding; but it can take a bit of getting used to. If you have natural tight curls, this option works to straighten, then re-curl into loose beach waves, too!