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Men: Ready for Thicker Hair?

June 30 2022
Men: Ready for Thicker Hair?

If thicker hair is your goal, you’re not the only one!

Now we’re not saying that bald isn’t beautiful. But we also understand that anyone with thinning hair might wish for something that can help pump up the volume and create a really great head of hair!

It’s normal to lose between 50 to 100 hairs every single day. It sounds like a lot but it’s only when that number exceeds 100 that you can start to notice hair thinning. With a hair thickening routine, consistency is key. That is why we have created a collection of hair products for men that are easy to use and give stronger* and instantly thicker hair**.

The new Genesis Homme collection from Kérastase is a targeted range of hair care products that are used both in-salon and at-home to get down to the root cause of hair thinning for instantly thicker hair.

Bain de Masse Epaississant really ramps up the texture in the shower while still leaving hair soft and shiny.

Follow this with Cire D’Epaisseur Texturisante, an instant thickening clay with a flexible medium hold and matte finish. It’s a great styling go-to as well!

For fine, fluffy hair that is thinning start with Bain de Force Quotidien it’s a brilliantly effective daily shampoo for weakened hair prone to thinning, as it refreshes the scalp and leaves hair natural to the touch and not at all weighed down.

When it comes to styling your hair type, Spray de Force Epaississant is a great go-to. This thickening spray is ideal for weakened hair prone to thinning.

So, gentlemen, we can’t stress this enough: establishing a routine with these products is where you’ll begin to see results. When you’re ready to ditch the whisps and beef up that hair, schedule an appointment here at 5th Avenue to discuss the routine that will be right for you.

*when using Bain de Masse, vs. non-conditioning shampoo
** when using Spray de Force Epaississiant