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Sun-Kissed Summer Hair

July 1 2020
Sun-Kissed Summer Hair

Warm air. Longer days. Lots of sun. Time for summer hair!

After a long winter -and even longer quarantine- it’s time for a fresh new do. Whether you have big plans or a stay-cation in your future, we’re adding sun-kissed looks too ur summer styles and turning the fun-factor way up!

Soft blonde highlights are always a hit and pair so nicely with beach (or backyard) waves and can be done in varying shades of blonde so you can go as light as you want! But maybe you want a new feel for your brunette color? Try letting your dark hair drip into a soft caramel blonde with a slight ombre. Low maintenance- high impact!

And blonde isn’t the only option! You can lighten up your brown locks with some rose quartz dimension! It’s like strawberry met chocolate and the look is just as yummy as it sounds.

Baby lights will shine up your tresses with a soft glow, which is accented even more by those starry summer nights by the campfire. And if you’re ready to put some fireworks back into your basic red, try adding sunlit copper to kick it up a notch.

Whether you’re ready for a whole new you or just a slight summer upgrade, we’re here to help make you feel beautiful with new summer hair!