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How to treat your post Summer hair.

September 26 2019
How to treat your post Summer hair.

The end of Summer is officially here and it's time to take care of your Summer hair. Between the sun, pool, beach, and pulling it back all Summer it's time for some TLC!

Let's start with the damage caused by the sun. The sun can dry your hair and fade your color if you aren't careful. Wearing a hat isn't always possible so what can be done now? For faded color a gloss overlay can do wonders. It can add tone back to over lightened or brassy blonde, add richness and depth back into darker faded color and add lots of shine and softness to all hair color that becomes dull and dry looking.

Trims are also very important even if you're growing your hair out. Splt ends will keep breaking up the hair shaft until cut off. Hair grows approximetley 1/2" per month so as long as you are getting less than that cut off every 5-8 weeks you will still notice the growth and keep split ends at bay.

Along with trims in salon conditioning treatments can be very beneficial and effective. There are many customizable treatments for every hair type and you will instantly see and feel the difference in as little as 5 minutes.

We've all heard the term "chlorine green" but did you know it's not actually chlorine that you are seeing in the hair? Chlorine is bleach and bleach swells the cuticle allowing it to soak up the minerals that are in the water which is often green from the copper in the water from copper piping. Minerals are rocks so when in the hair it can not only discolor it but make it feel brittle, dry and stiff.

There are several in salon treatments that range in price and time due to the amount of buildup you have that will safely and effectively remove the minerals. This is also great for anyone that has hard water at home. Once the buildup has been removed your you will notice a difference in the color and feel of the hair and styling should be easier and longer lasting as well as your color taking better. Your stylist can also reccommend at home products that that can help keep minerals from building up during and after swim season. An in salon conditioning treatment may be reccommeded after to add back moisture and protien to your hair that chlorine has taken out.

Next time you're in the salon talk to your stylist about your specific post Summer hair needs and product reccommendations to get your hair back on track and looking and feeling it's best. This is a great time to change up your hairstyle and color so ditch that dry and dull Summer hair and 'Fall' in love with your hair again!