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Curls Just Wanna Have Fun

February 28 2021
Curls Just Wanna Have Fun

Are you dealing with dreaded dull, limp or frizzy curls? Our curl game is strong here at 5th Avenue Salon and we’re here to help by using our favorite products from DevaCurl®.

So, what kind of curls are we working with?

Wavy Hair?
This hair type is S-shaped blends ranging from subtle to defined. You can get the most out of your wavy hair with some of these tips:

• Sleep on a silk pillowcase- it’s much gentler on your hair.
• Refresh your hair with water by using a continuous spray bottle and some One Condition Delight.
• Always scrunch your product into your wet hair.

Curly Hair?
These are loose ringlets, springy spirals and so much more. Here’s a list of things to avoid to really get curls you’ll love:

• Replace terry cloth towels with microfiber for a more gentle dry.
• Avoid sulfates and silicones in your hair products as they will weigh your curls down.
• Use heat tools on the lowest setting possible; the high heat dries out your hair and causes frizz.
• Protect your curls from the sun, which can damage them, with a product like Arc Angel Gel.

Super Curly Hair?
These locks go from tight coils to Z-shaped zig- zags and everything in between. The following tips will help your curls stay beautiful:

• Co-wash! Use conditioner, friction and a lot of water to wash your hair. You can also try No-Poo, a DevaCurl® cleanser with conditioning benefits.
• Use your fingers to detangle your curls and not a brush or comb to combat frizz and damage.
• Don’t skip trims but be sure to use a stylist experienced in cutting curls.

If you’re not sure what kind of “curly” you are, our expert stylists can help you determine your type of hair and then determine the right kind of products and hair style that will work best for you. We look forward to helping you love your curly hair!