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5 Tips to Reduce Static Hair

January 16 2020
5 Tips to Reduce Static Hair

1. Plastic combs and brushes are a No-No. Try using metal or bamboo and watch the static disappear and enjoy your smooth locks.

2. Gently use a hair serum or a moisturizer on the ends of your hair, avoiding the roots. It will relax the floating ends without making your hair feel greasy.

3. Use hairspray on your comb and gently smooth down those fly-aways. Don’t worry, a little bit won’t make your hair crunchy, but it will do the trick!

4. Spritz a bit of water onto your hand, a brush or directly onto your hair and flatten away. It works! You may have to repeat the process occasionally throughout the day.

5. Sometimes it’s easier to just pull your hair up into a braid or messy bun. It still looks nice and the static won’t ruin your day.

BONUS TIP: Gently rub a dryer sheet over your hair or rub it on a brush and comb through. Bye, bye electricity!