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Are You Making these Common Hair Mistakes?

August 31 2020
Are You Making these Common Hair Mistakes?

Beauty doesn’t come without a cost and many people will choose looking good over caring for their hair properly. We’ve compiled a list of hair No-Nos that you might not even realize are doing any damage.

1. Teasing is bad. Backcombing or “teasing” your hair for volume is common practice, especially if you pegged your jeans and wore neon colors as a teen. But you need to try to volumize your hair other ways and backcomb it less.

2. Brush Brush, Baby! Brush from root to tip when you do brush to stimulate healthy hair. But don’t brush so often that you break your hair. Use a quality brush and keep your brushing sessions to only one or two times per day.

3. Lather, rinse, don’t keep repeating! Washing your hair with shampoo daily can actually be bad for you. Try an every-other-day schedule (you can still rinse your hair in your daily shower) and supplement your non-wash days with a dry shampoo. Just don’t go too long without washing as the lifeless locks you were trying to avoid may get weighed down from dust, dirt and product build-up.

4. Gentle is key! When towel drying your hair, aim to use a microfiber cloth towel instead of a terrycloth one. Your tresses are tender and prone to breaking when wet, so be gentle as you dry, and you’ll see less broken ends.

5. Pony up but not too tightly. If part of gearing up to head to the store or work not only includes a face mask, but a ponytail too, you might want to reconsider what you use to secure your hair. If your elastics are pulling your hair really tight or you’re putting them up high on your head, you could do some damage. Find a coil, cloth or bendable option that doesn’t pull quite so much, and your hair will thank you.