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Wedding Makeup You’ll Love

February 17 2020
Wedding Makeup You’ll Love

It’s probably the biggest, happiest day of your life and you want to look perfect. But, you also want to look like yourself, and not so “done-up”. For your 2020 wedding, you’ll want to focus on shades that enhance your natural beauty. Looks like these are timeless, classy and will be accented by your happy glow. If you do still want a pop of color, try adding a bold lip or rosy cheeks. You’ll want your brows to be bold and soft, avoiding the over-plucked and drawn-in look. Your concealer should be barely there and be just enough to even out your skin tone. Let those freckles and natural spots show through! The best thing you’ll have on your face that day is your smile, so enjoy your day and don’t stress about the little details.