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Make Mom Feel Beautiful

May 1 2020
Make Mom Feel Beautiful

One of the best gifts you can give mom is a gift card to spoil herself. You can purchase these on our website, so she’ll be ready to be pampered as soon as restrictions are lifted.
In the meantime, here are 5 ideas to treat your mom (or yourself); at home!

1. Pick flowers from the garden or have a bouquet delivered. Leave some flowers around the house for her to find. The last one could be attached to a gift or card for that extra special touch.

2. Give mom some much needed alone time. Make a small jar of bath salts by mixing Epsom salts with some essential oils and leave a note that says: Enjoy! Then gather the gang and everyone play outside or hang quietly in another room while mom takes a bath with some quiet time. 

3. Make a fancy “spa” drink! Place some fruit like lemon and limes or berries and oranges in nice glasses and fill with sparkling water or champagne. Allow her to sip slowly, watching her favorite show.

4. Give mom a warm foot soak with some mint and citrus. Bonus points if you paint her nails while she relaxes.

5. Ask mom what she really wants that she wouldn’t normally buy for herself. You can probably find her favorite skin care or perfume online and have it arrive directly to her door.